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Airship Knights APK

Airship Knights APK is an exciting game that lets you take control of a team of powerful heroes who can use magic and fly in hot air balloons. These heroes are not just strong, but they're also really attractive and cool!
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Aug 9, 2023
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Airship Knights APK


Airship Knights APK is an exciting game that lets you take control of a team of powerful heroes who can use magic and fly in hot air balloons. These heroes are not just strong, but they’re also really attractive and cool.

Gameplay: Join the Adventure in Colorful Hot Air Balloons

In Airship Knights, you become the leader of a group of brave female warriors. You’re the captain of the first airship from Cloud Island, and your job is to guide these warriors as they fight in awesome hot air balloons. Download: Empire Warriors APK

Played Quickly

The game is designed to be played quickly, with battles that last only 10 seconds each. In these short battles, you’ll need to use magic and special moves to defeat monsters, gather rewards, and complete missions before time runs out.

Make Things Easier

To make things easier, the game also lets you use Idle Combat. This means you can equip your warrior, send her into battle, and watch her fight automatically. This way, you can focus on planning and strategy while your heroine takes care of the fighting. It’s like watching a super cool magical battle show! Download: Empire Warriors APK

As your female warriors fight, they get stronger over time, becoming even more powerful after each battle. This adds an exciting element of growth to the game.

Strategy and Battles: Conquer the Skies with Tactical Skills

Airship Knights is a mix of turn-based strategy and battles. In the strategy phase, you manage your airships, recruit new crew members, and plan your moves on a world map. You can go on quests, explore new places, and engage in battles with enemy fleets.

During battles, you take turns controlling your fleet of airships. You can attack enemy ships, use special abilities, and fix damaged ships. Each action takes time to recharge, so you need to plan your moves carefully. You also have to manage resources like fuel and ammunition to make sure you can keep fighting.

Storyline: Bringing Peace to a World in Need

The game’s story follows your journey to bring peace to a world that’s been torn apart by war. You’ll meet various characters, each with their own stories, and make choices that affect the game’s outcome. This gives you the power to shape the story as you play.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new areas and face challenges like tough bosses and tricky puzzles. The game’s world is detailed and immersive, making it a captivating adventure.

Graphics and Sound: Steampunk-Inspired Visuals and Soundtrack

Airship Knights features amazing graphics that bring its steampunk-inspired world to life. The airships look super cool, and the game’s environments are richly designed. The music adds to the excitement and mood of the game, making each moment even more thrilling.

Multiplayer Fun: Team Up or Compete with Friends

Airship Knights offers both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. You can team up with your friends to take on challenges together or compete against them in battles for rewards and territory. Multiplayer adds extra excitement and strategy to the game, as you work together or compete to reach your goals. You can download it from google play here.


Airship Knights is an awesome game that mixes magic, strategy, and role-playing to create a unique and fun experience. With its cool storyline, stunning graphics, and challenging gameplay, it’s a game that fans of strategy and action will definitely enjoy.

What's new

  • Fast-paced AFK gameplay.
  • Heroes with magic and flying abilities.
  • Attractive waifu characters.
  • Colorful hot air balloon battles.
  • 10-second match duration.
  • Idle Combat support.
  • Automatic character development.
  • Turn-based strategy and battles.
  • Rich storyline with choices.
  • Steampunk-inspired graphics.
  • Engaging multiplayer modes.



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