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Dino Tamers APK

Step into Arcadia, a special place where dinosaurs roam and fight for their survival. Dino Tamers APK a world where these incredible creatures live and battle just like in ancient times.
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Dec 1, 2020
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Dino Tamers APK


Step into Arcadia, a special place where dinosaurs roam and fight for their survival. Dino Tamers APK a world where these incredible creatures live and battle just like in ancient times.

Join the Dino Adventure Online

Get ready for a thrilling online game where you can explore a big world and make friends. This game is all about dinosaurs, and you can even choose to befriend the gentle plant-eaters or the fierce meat-eaters. You’ll team up with other players to ride these magnificent beasts.

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Riding the Giants

After you become friends with the powerful dinosaurs, you can climb onto their backs and go on exciting journeys. Imagine riding a T-Rex, a huge predator, as it stomps through the land. Smaller animals will run away, scared of you and your massive friend.

Survival Challenges and Dinosaur Battles

In this game, you’ll face off against other players in epic dinosaur battles. The better you survive, the more rewards you’ll earn. Use special moves to defeat your opponents. Will you be the one who comes out on top, or will you be the one chased? Download: VPN Client Pro APK

Be Stealthy Like a Real Dino Tamer

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try to sneak up on dinosaurs without being noticed. This sneaky skill will help you get close to these ancient animals. You can hide behind trees, grass, and plants to get a closer look or even to catch some for your collection.

Uncover Secrets and Stories

As you play, you’ll learn about Arcadia’s secrets and the creatures that live there. The game has an exciting story that you can follow along with as you explore, tame, and create.

Train Your Dinosaurs and Overcome Challenges

You can make your dinosaurs even stronger by giving them new abilities. Think of it like teaching them cool tricks that will help you in battles and missions. With your dinosaurs by your side, you’ll face tough challenges and complete exciting missions.

Unlock Amazing Transformations

By studying a special ember, you can help your dinosaurs evolve into new forms. Imagine turning a dinosaur into a flying dragon or a fearsome monster. These transformations will open up new possibilities in your adventure.

Build Your Own Base

Imagine having a secret place to rest and relax after a day of dinosaur adventures. You can build your very own base on Arcadia. Collect resources from the world and use them to craft special items. You can even create big structures like an evolution center to make your dinosaurs even more powerful.

Join the Dino Tamers Family Today

Start your incredible journey in the world of Dino Tamers. There’s so much to discover, from battling dinosaurs to evolving them into powerful creatures. And don’t forget to watch out for exciting new content, like the mighty Mosasaurus.

Play Smart and Safe

Remember, this game is a lot of fun, but it’s important to play safely and responsibly. Make sure to read the terms of service and privacy policy before you start. Also, if you’re going to make any purchases, be sure to ask your parents first. You can download it from google play here.

Final Verdict

Riding towering dinosaurs, discovering ancient secrets, and battling opponents in a prehistoric landscape. With the chance to befriend herbivores and tackle challenges alongside friends, this game is a thrilling experience for adventurers of all ages.

Uncover the mysteries of Arcadia, evolve your dinosaurs into incredible forms, and create your own base in this immersive world. Just remember to play smart, respect the rules, and have a roaring good time. Your epic dino adventure awaits – don’t miss out on the excitement. Download Dino Tamers now and start your journey into the past.

What's new

  • Explore a primal lost world teeming with dinosaurs.
  • Engage in an online multiplayer dinosaur game.
  • Tame both herbivores and carnivores, including T-Rex.
  • Ride and saddle up on primeval monsters.
  • Participate in survival mode and online PvP battles.
  • Use sneak mechanics to get close to dinosaurs.
  • Unlock RPG-style elements for dinosaur improvement.
  • Evolve dinosaurs using mysterious ember for new forms.
  • Uncover the interactive story of Arcadia and its inhabitants



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