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Don’t Starve Pocket Edition APK

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition APK is an exciting game that's available for your Android device. More than 6 million players love it on their computers, and now you can enjoy it on the go.
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Sep 19, 2023
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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition APK


Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition APK is an exciting game that’s available for your Android device. More than 6 million players love it on their computers, and now you can enjoy it on the go.

Meet Wilson:

In this game, you’ll meet Wilson, a brave scientist who finds himself in a strange world. He’s not sure how he got there, but he’s determined to find his way back home. He needs you to help him do that. Download: Don’t Starve Pocket Edition APK.

Surviving in the Wilderness:

Wilson’s new home is nothing like what he’s used to. It’s a wild place filled with weird creatures and dangers at every turn. He’ll need to be clever and resourceful to stay alive.

Download: Pocket City 2 APK.

Gathering Resources:

To survive, Wilson must gather resources from the environment. These resources will help him create tools and buildings that can keep him safe and well-fed.

Crafting and Building:

Help Wilson use the things he collects to craft items and build structures. You can choose how you want to play the game and help him survive. Do you want to build a cozy home or brave the wilderness?

Exploring the Unknown:

The world Wilson finds himself in is full of surprises and mysteries. As you play, you’ll uncover the secrets of this strange land.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition – Mod Features

Are you ready to enhance your Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition experience? Check out these amazing mod features that add a whole new level of fun to the game:

Unlimited Resources:

Say goodbye to resource scarcity. With this mod, you’ll have an endless supply of materials to craft, build, and survive.

God Mode:

Become invincible and never worry about hunger, health, or danger. 

Instant Crafting:

No more waiting around for items to craft. With this feature, crafting is instantaneous, making your survival journey more efficient.

Unlock All Characters:

Play as any character you like, right from the start. No need to unlock them through gameplay.

Customizable World:

Tweak the game world to your liking. Adjust settings for seasons, creatures, and more to create your perfect survival environment.

Increased Daytime:

Enjoy longer daylight hours for safer exploration and gathering.

One-Hit Kills:

Deal massive damage with a single hit, making it easier to fend off dangerous creatures.

No Hunger:

Never worry about starving again. Your character will always have a full belly.

No Sanity Loss:

Keep your sanity intact no matter what horrors you encounter in the game.

Unlock All Blueprints:

Access all crafting recipes from the beginning, allowing you to build advanced structures and items without delay.

Infinite Health:

Your character becomes nearly invulnerable, ensuring you can explore and experiment without the fear of death.

Season Control:

Change the seasons at will to adapt the world to your preferences.

Fast Travel:

Move quickly between different parts of the map for efficient exploration.

Enhanced Graphics:

See better graphics and have more fun playing the game.

Custom Challenges:

Create your own challenges and scenarios for added excitement.

These mod features will take your Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition adventure to the next level, allowing you to explore, build, and survive in the wilderness with ease and excitement. Have fun customizing your gameplay and making the game your own. You can download it from google play here.


Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is an exciting adventure where you help Wilson survive in a mysterious world. Use your skills to gather resources, craft items, and solve the mysteries of this unique place. It’s a game full of science and magic, and it’s ready for you to explore on your Android device.

What's new

  • Wilderness survival gameplay.
  • Mysterious world with strange creatures.
  • Crafting items and structures.
  • Play as Wilson, the Gentleman Scientist.
  • Uncompromising survival challenges.
  • Science and magic elements.
  • Unique and unpredictable experiences.
  • Available on Android devices.


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