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Dungeon Manager: Mine King APK

Dungeon Manager: Mine King APK  is defend your dungeon against scary monster waves and other players, and rise to become the most powerful ruler in the world of dungeons. Here's how you can do it:
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Feb 23, 2022
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Dungeon Manager: Mine King APK


Dungeon Manager: Mine King APK  is defend your dungeon against scary monster waves and other players, and rise to become the most powerful ruler in the world of dungeons. Here’s how you can do it:

Defend Your Dungeon

Prepare yourself to face waves of monsters and rival players who want to conquer your dungeon. Defend your territory with all your might and become a legendary manager.

Download: Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike APK

Simple Hero Management

Manage your heroes with ease. Just a few simple taps and your heroes will be ready for exciting adventures. Defeat countless monster waves to level up your hero and earn valuable items and creatures.

Build and Manage Your Dungeon

Once you’ve conquered the first stage, it’s time to build your very own dungeon. This is where you can mine magical gemstones and expand your domain. You have the power to create new dungeons or make your existing one even bigger. Download:  Raid the Dungeon APK

Engage in Unique Dungeon Battles

Jump into thrilling battles to steal treasures from other players. Attack their dungeons and claim their riches for yourself. Seek revenge on those who attacked you and make them regret their actions.

Lead Monster

You’ll be in charge of hundreds of monster troops. With around 240 different kinds of monsters to recruit from Adventure Mode, you can assign them to mine, defend, or attack. Win by making your monsters stronger and placing them strategically.

Merge Unique Items

Merge three of the same items or creatures to level them up and make them even more powerful. With this simple and enjoyable merging system, every item and creature becomes valuable.

Focus on Fighting and Expanding

Growing your hero is easy with the auto-battle feature. Put your focus on fighting off rivals and expanding your dungeon. Show your skills and unique strategies in this exciting fantasy world.

Begin the Battle Now.

The epic battle for dungeon dominance is about to begin. Are you ready to show your strength and conquer the world of dungeons?

Key Features

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you step into the shoes of a Dungeon Manager in the captivating world of Mine King. Defend your domain against monstrous onslaughts and rival players to rise as the ultimate dungeon conqueror. 

Monster Waves and Competing Players

Prepare for heart-pounding battles against relentless waves of fearsome monsters. With your strategic prowess, protect your dungeon from these onslaughts and outshine other players to establish your dominance.

Manage Heroes with Ease

Hero management is a breeze. A few simple taps equip your heroes with powerful skills and essential items. Engage in exciting battles, vanquish hordes of monsters, and reap rewards that enhance your hero’s strength.

Ascend to Dungeon Tycoon Status

Progress beyond the initial stage and embark on dungeon construction. Here, the opportunity to mine enchanting gemstones beckons. Craft new dungeons or expand existing ones, delving deeper into the mysteries that await.

Plunge into the Pillage War

Prepare for unique dungeon battles that take the form of intense pillaging wars. Raid rival players’ dungeons to claim their treasures as your own. Seek retribution against those who dared to attack, making them pay for their audacity.

Masterful Captaincy

Command an array of around 240 distinct monsters acquired from the Adventure Mode. These formidable monster troops can be directed to mine, defend, or launch attacks. Victory hinges on strengthening your monster troops and strategically deploying them.

Unleash Your Strategy

Elevate your hero through the convenience of auto-battle. Focus on refining your battle skills and expanding your domain while automated mechanics enhance your hero’s growth. You can download it from google play here.

Thriving in a Fantasy Realm

Craft ingenious strategies to overcome rivals and adversaries. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with excitement and adventure, where your tactical prowess shapes the course of victory.

Dungeon Domination Today

The stage is set for an epic battle that will determine the master of dungeons. You are prepared to exhibit your might, implement brilliant strategies, and claim victory in the realm of Mine King.

What's new

  • Defend against relentless monster waves and rival players.
  • Manage heroes with easy skill and gear customization.
  • Construct and expand your own dungeon empire.
  • Engage in unique dungeon battles and pillage wars.
  • Lead diverse monster troops with tactical finesse.
  • Merge items and creatures for enhanced power.
  • Auto-battle for effortless hero progression.
  • Unleash unique strategies to triumph over rivals.



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