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Fish.IO – Hungry Fish

Join the war of narwhale to become the King of Fish and win in competition. Let's the Fish go!
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ABI Games Studio
Jan 2, 2024
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Fish IO: Dive into the Underwater Action

Introduction Fish IO is an exhilarating multiplayer game developed by Bravestars Global Publishing, where players enter the depths of an underwater arena to take on the role of a sword-wielding shark. In this intense battle for survival, players must navigate the vast ocean, hunting down other fish while skillfully avoiding their own demise. With its captivating visuals, captivating gameplay mechanics, and the allure of becoming the “king of the sea,” Fish IO promises an action-packed gaming experience like no other.

Unleash Your Inner Shark

Play as a shark armed with a sword: In Fish IO, players embrace the power of the apex predator, assuming the role of a mighty shark equipped with a lethal sword. This unique concept sets the game apart, offering an exciting twist to the traditional IO genre. Armed and ready, players can both hunt down other fish and defend themselves against rival players, providing an adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience.

Stunning Visuals and Design

Beautiful graphics: Fish IO boasts visually stunning underwater environments and character designs. The developers have meticulously crafted vibrant and immersive settings that transport players to a mesmerizing aquatic world. From schools of exotic fish to magnificent underwater landscapes, the game’s graphics bring the depths of the ocean to life, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Collect fish heads as trophies: In Fish IO, players have the opportunity to showcase their prowess by collecting fish heads as trophies. This unique feature adds a sense of achievement and progression to the game, allowing players to display their victories proudly. With each fish head collected, players can revel in their triumphs and further establish their dominance in the underwater arena.

Strategic Consumption

Consume sushi for energy: To gain a competitive edge, players can consume sushi to boost their energy levels. This tactical decision not only replenishes their stamina but also enhances their chances of success in battle. With the ability to strategically refuel, players can outmaneuver opponents and seize victory, making every sushi morsel a vital resource.

Rule the Sea as the King

The ultimate goal of Fish IO is to ascend the ranks and claim the title of the “king of the sea.” By outlasting other players and emerging as the last one standing, players can assert their dominance and secure their place at the top. This thrilling objective adds an extra layer of competition and motivation, ensuring that every battle counts in the pursuit of underwater supremacy.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Fish IO: Fish IO offers an exciting and action-packed multiplayer gameplay experience that will keep players engaged and entertained. The unique concept of playing as a shark armed with a sword sets the game apart, offering a refreshing twist to the IO genre. The game’s vibrant and beautiful graphics immerse players in a visually stunning underwater world, capturing their imagination. Collecting fish heads as trophies provides a sense of achievement and progression, further motivating players to dominate the arena. The strategic consumption of sushi for energy introduces an additional layer of gameplay depth, enhancing the overall experience. The goal of becoming the “king of the sea” adds an extra layer of competition and ambition, keeping players motivated throughout their journey. The game is available to download and play for free, allowing easy access for players to dive into the underwater action.


Cons of Fish IO: As a multiplayer game, the availability of players online may fluctuate, potentially affecting the ease of finding matches at certain times. The fast-paced nature of Fish IO may not appeal to players who prefer slower-paced or more tactical gameplay experiences. As a new game, there is a possibility of encountering bugs and glitches that may require subsequent updates to rectify. Players who are not drawn to the concept of playing as a shark may find Fish IO less appealing.

What's new

Ready for a new update, aren't you?
- Xmas gameplay mode
- Xmas BattlePass
- New legend pack
- Gameplay improvement and minor bug fixes




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