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Left to Survive APK

Imagine a world where a zombie apocalypse has taken over. Scary, right? Well, in the game "Left to Survive APK," you get to be the hero and fight against hordes of zombies to save the day. Let's dive into this exciting adventure.
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Sep 15, 2023
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Left to Survive APK


Imagine a world where a zombie apocalypse has taken over. Scary, right? Well, in the game “Left to Survive APK,” you get to be the hero and fight against hordes of zombies to save the day. Let’s dive into this exciting adventure.

The Zombie Takeover

In “Left to Survive,” you’ll find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken control. Humans are struggling to survive, and the Earth is now ruled by these undead creatures. It’s up to you to save humanity from this zombie apocalypse. 

Download: Zombie Defense APK.

Gear Up for Battle

As you embark on your mission to save the world from zombies, you’ll have a wide range of cool weapons and gear at your disposal. From assault weapons to sniper rifles and shotguns, you can choose the perfect tools to help you take down those pesky zombies. Don’t forget to equip your hero with gear to make them even more powerful. Download: WinterCraft: Survival Forest APK.

Unite with Heroes

In this zombie-filled world, you’ll meet various heroes, who were once regular people like you and me. Now, they have unique skills and abilities that make them saviors against the zombies. You can upgrade and evolve these heroes to make them even stronger. Plus, gather survivors to give them hope and a safe place to stay.

Raiding Enemy Bases

Raiding enemy bases is a crucial part of surviving the zombie apocalypse. You’ll hop into a helicopter and collect resources from other bases. But beware, it won’t be easy. You’ll face tough defenses, like towers and troops. Make sure to upgrade your helicopter and arm it with powerful weapons for successful raids.

Test Your Skills in PvP Matches

Want to prove that you’re the best shooter around? Join PvP matches where you can challenge other players and sharpen your shooting skills. Whether you prefer 2×2 matches or going solo, it’s an excellent opportunity to see who the ultimate zombie-slaying champion is.

Build Your Safe Haven

To ensure a brighter future, you’ll need to build a safe place for survivors. Your base will be a haven where you can produce food and resources, enhance your heroes’ abilities, and modify weapons. Don’t forget to fortify it to protect against raids and looting.

Mod Features for Left to Survive APK

Unlimited Ammo:

In the modded version of “Left to Survive,” you’ll never have to worry about running out of ammunition. You can keep firing your weapons without ever reloading, making it easier to take down hordes of zombies without interruptions.

Infinite Health:

With this feature, your character becomes invincible. You won’t take any damage from the zombies or other players, ensuring that you can explore the post-apocalyptic world fearlessly.

Unlimited Resources:

Collecting resources is a crucial part of survival in “Left to Survive.” In the modded version, you’ll have an unlimited supply of resources like food, materials, and weapons, allowing you to upgrade your base and gear without constraints.

One-Hit Kill:

Dealing with zombies can be tough, but not in the modded version. Your attacks will become super powerful, allowing you to eliminate zombies with a single shot or strike, making you an unstoppable force in the game.

Unlock All Heroes:

You won’t need to work hard to unlock heroes with unique skills and abilities. In the mod version, all heroes are readily available for you to recruit and upgrade, enhancing your chances of survival.

Ad-Free Experience:

No more annoying ads while you play. The mod version of “Left to Survive” is ad-free, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Increased Rewards:

Enjoy boosted rewards for completing missions, challenges, and PvP matches. You’ll earn more in-game currency and valuable items, helping you progress faster and become a top survivor.

Premium Features Unlocked:

Unlock special features and items without using real money. With the mod, you can enjoy all the game’s premium offerings without making any in-app purchases.

No Root Required:

You don’t need to root your device to install and enjoy the modded version of “Left to Survive.” It’s easy to install and play on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Regular Updates:

The mod version is regularly updated to keep it in sync with the official game updates, ensuring that you can enjoy new content and features as they are released. You can download it from google play here.


That’s the exciting world of “Left to Survive” in a nutshell. Are you ready to take on the zombie apocalypse, save humanity, and become the ultimate zombie slayer? If you want to stay updated, Good luck, hero.

What's new

  • TPS Action Zombie Shooter.
  • Post-apocalyptic world setting.
  • Campaign mode with a storyline.
  • Wide variety of weapons and gear.
  • Unique hero characters.
  • Helicopter raids on enemy bases.
  • PvP matches.
  • Base-building and fortification.
  • Regular updates with new content.
  • Active Facebook community.



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