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Mine Survival APK

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Mine Survival APK? This game is all about surviving in a world full of zombies, and we're here to guide you through it step by step. Let's dive in.
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Aug 6, 2023
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Mine Survival APK

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Mine Survival APK? This game is all about surviving in a world full of zombies, and we’re here to guide you through it step by step. Let’s dive in.

Creating Tools and Buildings

Mine Survival APK, you have the power to create useful tools and buildings. But how do you do it? Simple. Just collect items and hunt for resources. This will help you build things that will keep you safe and help you survive longer. Download: Grand Survival APK.

Protecting Yourself from Zombie

Zombies can be a real threat in this game, especially at night. To stay safe, you need to build walls, snares, towers, and cannons to stop them in their tracks. Make sure to keep an eye on your body temperature, hunger, water, and… well, even your poo management. Yes, it’s essential not to starve in this world. Download; Subway Surfers.

Choosing the Right Location

One of the first things you should do is find a place with lots of water and start building your settlement there. This will give you a better chance of survival.

Summoning and Fighting

To advance in the game, you’ll need to summon and fight different creatures. By doing this, you can obtain keys to unlock new modes and challenges.

Game Updates

The Mine Survival APK game keeps getting better with updates. Here are some exciting things added in recent updates:

2.0.0 Update

Added Caves

Introduced new ores, monsters, natural objects, and drills

Added a Fever Zone and unicorns

Included 30 functional pets

Enhanced upgrade options for walls, doors, attack towers, cannons, traps, and power towers

2.0.4 Update

Added a custom game feature

System Requirements

Before you start playing, make sure your device meets these requirements:

Android Minimum SDK: 5.0 ‘Lollipop’ (API 21)

RAM: 768 MB and up

Game Developer

Mine Survival APK is the first game created by the talented Indie Game developer Wildsoda. They’re constantly working on improving the game, so be sure to send them any bugs or requests you have. Your feedback can make the game even better.

Explore Exciting Mod Features

In Mine Survival APK, mods (modifications) can add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience. Mods are like special add-ons that change or enhance the game in unique ways. Let’s dive into some exciting mod features that can take your Mine Survival adventure to the next level.

New Environments:

Imagine exploring brand-new environments that you’ve never seen before. Mods can introduce different terrains, landscapes, and weather conditions. You might stumble upon mysterious caves, lush forests, or even a snowy tundra. These new environments can make your survival journey more challenging and exciting.

Extra Creatures:

Mods can introduce a variety of creatures, both friendly and hostile, into the game. You might encounter mythical beasts like unicorns or terrifying monsters that pose new challenges. Some mods even allow you to tame and befriend certain creatures, making them your loyal companions in the wilderness.

Rare Resources:

With mods, you can discover rare and valuable resources that aren’t available in the regular game. These unique materials can be used to craft powerful weapons, tools, and structures. Finding and using these rare resources can give you a significant advantage in surviving against zombies and other threats.

Customization Options:

Many mods offer customization options that allow you to personalize your character and surroundings. You can change your character’s appearance, design your base in different styles, and even create your own unique items. These customization features let you tailor the game to your preferences.

Advanced Challenges:

If you’re seeking a more challenging experience, mods can introduce new game modes and tougher enemies. You might face hordes of zombies, powerful bosses, or time-limited challenges that test your survival skills to the limit. These advanced challenges add depth and excitement to the game.

Additional Crafting Recipes:

Mods often come with additional crafting recipes that enable you to create advanced items and structures. These recipes can open up new possibilities for fortifying your base, defending against zombies, and exploring the game’s mechanics in creative ways.

Enhanced Graphics and Effects:

Some mods focus on improving the game’s graphics and special effects. You can enjoy more realistic visuals, enhanced lighting, and better animations. These visual enhancements can make your gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable. You can download it from google play here.

Multiplayer Modes:

Mods can also introduce multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up with friends or other players online. Surviving together in a group can be a thrilling and social way to tackle the challenges of Mine Survival APK.

What's new

  • Tool and building creation through collections and hunting.
  • Protection from zombies with walls, snares, towers, and cannons.
  • Adaptation to five different environments.
  • Settlement building near water sources.
  • Survival management: body temperature, hunger, water, and waste.
  • Summoning and fighting creatures for game progression.
  • Mod updates with caves, new ores, monsters, and more.
  • Custom game mode available.
  • Android Minimum SDK: 5.0 'Lollipop' (API 21) and RAM requirement of 768 MB.
  • Ongoing updates and support from the developer Wildsoda.



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