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MX Player Pro APK

MX Player Pro APK, offering more features and options for a better experience.
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MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Jul 3, 2023
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MX Player Pro APK


In today’s digital age, watching movies and entertainment programs has become a must-have for everyone. Gone are the days of waiting for a specific time to watch your favorite shows on TV. Thanks to smartphones, we can now enjoy all our favorite programs anytime, anywhere, using online apps like MX Player Pro. You can download it from google play here.

What is MX Player Pro?

MX Player Pro is an amazing multimedia player app that lets you watch and listen to different types of media files on your mobile device. It’s like a supercharged version of the popular MX Player Pro APK, offering more features and options for a better experience. Let’s explore its key features!

Play All Your Favorite Formats:

MX Player Pro supports a wide range of media file types like MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. This means you can play videos and music in various formats without any trouble.

Faster and Smoother Playback:

With MX Player Pro’s special feature called “hardware acceleration,” your videos play more smoothly and use less power. That means you can watch videos for longer without worrying about your battery.

Quick and Smooth Playback:

MX Player Pro uses smart technology to play videos faster and more smoothly. Even if the videos are high-quality or complex, you’ll still enjoy a smooth viewing experience.

Make Subtitles Your Way:

MX Player Pro lets you add subtitles to your videos and customize them to your liking. You can change the font size, color, style, and even match them perfectly with the video.

Easy Control with Gestures:

This app makes it easy to control your videos using simple finger movements. You can swipe to skip through the video, adjust the volume with a vertical swipe, and zoom in and out with a pinch.

Customize Your Audio and Playback:

MX Player Pro gives you the power to control your video’s speed. You can watch in slow motion or speed up when needed. You can also fine-tune the audio with an equalizer to get the sound just right. Download iPhoto – Gallery iOS 16 APK from our site.

Stream from Anywhere:

MX Player Pro lets you stream videos directly from the internet or devices on your network. It’s like having all your favorite videos at your fingertips.

Keep It Kid-Friendly:

Parents will love the Kids Lock feature. When activated, it makes sure kids can watch their favorite videos without accidentally touching the screen or accessing other apps.

Make It Your Own:

MX Player Pro lets you personalize the app according to your taste. Choose different themes, change the player’s appearance, and even move on-screen buttons around for the perfect setup.


MX Player Pro is an incredible multimedia player app that brings entertainment to your fingertips. With its wide format support, smooth playback, subtitle customization, gesture controls, and other cool features, you can enjoy your favorite videos and music like never before!

What's new

Comprehensive media format support.

Hardware acceleration for smoother playback.

Multi-core decoding for faster performance.

Extensive subtitle support and customization.

Intuitive gesture controls for easy navigation.

Playback speed control and audio enhancements.

Network streaming capabilities.

Kids Lock feature for child-friendly viewing.

Customization options for the user interface.



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