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Path of Evil APK

Step into the world of Path of Evil APK an action-packed RPG game where you'll face monstrous creatures and ancient evils.
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Jun 14, 2023
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Path of Evil APK


Step into the world of Path of Evil APK an action-packed RPG game where you’ll face monstrous creatures and ancient evils. Get ready for an epic hack and slash adventure inspired by classic games.

Conquer Monstrous Hordes in Classic RPG Battles

Prepare for intense battles as you use your skills to defeat terrible monsters. Slash your way through hordes of enemies and collect sacred items to upgrade your equipment for the ultimate showdown with the devil himself. Your abilities are your greatest weapon in this classic action RPG. Dwonload Peglin APK

Thrilling Battles Against Powerful Bosses

Venture into endless dungeons and face off against fearsome bosses. With three dungeon bosses on each floor, you’ll encounter evil creatures from exile. Discover two secret levels that lead to the exiled kingdoms of divinity and prove your worth in challenging battles.

Immerse Yourself in a Dark Fantasy World

Experience captivating special effects and immerse yourself in a dark fantasy atmosphere. Explore abyssal depths as an Immortal dungeon hunter, vanquishing demons and testing your skills in epic boss fights. Uncover hidden artifacts, journey through unique exiled kingdoms, and become a legendary Immortal.

Create Your Own Hero with Unique Abilities

Choose your path from a variety of classes:

Amazon or Sacred Sorceress

Evil Druid or Barbarian of exile

Paladin or Immortal Necromancer

Play Anytime, Anywhere on Mobile

Path of Evil:

Immortal Hunter offers a dynamic mobile gaming experience. Customize your character to match your play style and dive into the world of dark fantasy classics.

Collect Legendary Loot and Strengthen Your Gear

Defeat monster hordes using powerful abilities like Immortal Blizzard, Blizzard of Divinity, Fireball, and more. Take a chance with the gambler to find potent items and enhance your equipment. But tread carefully, as your choices may lead you to exile. You can download it from google play here.

Become the Ultimate Dungeon Hunter

Embark on a journey to become the Immortal Dungeon Hunter! If you’re a fan of action RPGs, Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is the game for you. Dive into this thrilling adventure and conquer the forces of darkness.

What's new

  • Classic hack and slash battles against monsters.
  • Intense boss fights in endless dungeons.
  • Dark fantasy environment with special effects.
  • Customizable character classes and skills.
  • Optimized for dynamic mobile gaming.
  • Loot legendary equipment and artifacts.
  • Face evil demons and challenge your skills.
  • Choose from Amazon, Sorceress, Druid, Barbarian, Paladin, and Necromancer classes.
  • Unleash powerful abilities like Immortal Blizzard and Fireball.
  • Become the ultimate Immortal Dungeon Hunter.


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