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Raid the Dungeon APK

Do you like exciting games where you explore dungeons, collect amazing items, and battle fierce creatures? If  you'll love Raid the Dungeon APK! It's a game that's easy to play and offers endless fun. Let's dive into the details.
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Aug 17, 2023
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Raid the Dungeon APK


Do you like exciting games where you explore dungeons, collect amazing items, and battle fierce creatures? If  you’ll love Raid the Dungeon APK! It’s a game that’s easy to play and offers endless fun. Let’s dive into the details.

Explore Dungeons and Collect Cool Gear:

In Raid the Dungeon, you become a hero who ventures into dungeons. These dungeons are like mysterious underground worlds filled with treasures. As you go through these dungeons, you’ll find awesome weapons, armor, and equipment to make your hero even stronger. 

Download: Tank Hero APK

Battle Against Players Worldwide:

In this game, you can! Jump into battles against players from all over the world. It’s like a big competition where you tap your screen to fight. Download: Roller Ball 6 APK

Defeat the Guild Boss:

Join forces with other heroes to take on the Guild Boss. This boss is super tough, but with teamwork, you can defeat it. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

Exciting Features:

1. Play Your Way: Idle or Active!

You have two choices: You can play the game while being idle (which means not actively tapping) or you can be in control and tap to make things happen. It’s like having two different ways to play in one game.

2. Easy and Fun:

No matter if you’re a pro gamer or just starting out, you’ll have a blast playing Raid the Dungeon. The game is easy to understand, and it’s set in a world full of magic and adventure. Just tap to begin your dungeon raiding.

3. Collect Amazing Stuff:

In this game, you’ll gather over 500 avatars, 200 types of equipment, and lots of special items. Imagine having a huge collection of cool stuff.

4. Power Up Your Hero:

As you defeat monsters and bosses in the dungeons, your hero becomes more powerful. You can also dress up your hero with all the cool gear you’ve collected. Looking awesome and powerful.

5. Smart Strategies:

When battling, you can choose between different weapons and skills. This lets you decide how you want to fight. Want to be up close with a sword or stay far away and shoot arrows.

6. Challenge Other Players:

Test your hero’s strength by competing against other heroes in the Arena. It’s like a grand tournament where you aim to be the best. Show off your skills and earn rewards.

7. So Much to Do:

The game offers endless dungeons to explore, raid, and collect items from. You can also create a guild and take on the powerful Guild Boss with your fellow heroes. And if that’s not enough, you can craft special gear and become even stronger.

8. Awesome Music:

The game’s music is composed by Matsumae Manami, known for creating music for popular games. The music adds to the excitement and makes playing even more enjoyable.

Join the Adventure Today:

You  like tapping or just want to let the game play itself, Raid the Dungeon has something for everyone. Download it now and start your journey to become a legendary hero. You can download it from google play here.


Raid the Dungeon is an exciting game where you explore dungeons, collect cool items, and challenge players from around the world. With its easy gameplay and exciting features, it’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours. Start your adventure now and see where it takes you!

What's new

  • Incremental clicker and Idle Adventure RPG.
  • Battle through dungeons and collect epic gear.
  • Engage in PVP battles against global players.
  • Face challenging Guild Bosses with heroes worldwide.
  • Convenient Idle System with autoplay.
  • Easy-to-play tapping clicker RPG.
  • Collect avatars, equipment, relics, and companions.
  • Power up and customize your hero.
  • Strategic gameplay with melee or ranged weapons.
  • Intense PVP action in the Arena.



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