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Rent Please! APK

Rent Please APK get you to be the owner of lots of properties. You'll have to take care of your tenants, make sure the houses are in good shape, and even design and build new ones. Let's dive into the details.
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Aug 24, 2023
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Rent Please APK


Rent Please APK get you to be the owner of lots of properties. You’ll have to take care of your tenants, make sure the houses are in good shape, and even design and build new ones. Let’s dive into the details.

About Rent Please.

Rent Please. is a game where you pretend to be a landlord. You have to look after your properties, get the rent money, and solve problems your tenants might have. Download: APK.

Becoming a Good Landlord – It’s Not as Easy as You Think

At first, being a landlord might seem super easy. You might think all you need to do is let people live in your houses and earn money. Some lucky people might already have many houses from their families. Others might invest in houses to make money. Download: Immortal Rogue APK.

But the truth is, being a good landlord is tough. It’s not just about getting money. You need to spend a lot of money and effort too. It is an actual job.

If you’ve ever thought being a landlord is easy, try playing Rent Please. to see the reality.

Getting Started – How to Play

You start with a small property and need to buy more properties and make them better. Every house is unique and requires different things. You have to keep the properties nice, make your tenants happy, and collect rent on time.

As you play, you’ll face challenges like unexpected repairs and rent disagreements. You’ll also have different kinds of tenants – students, families, and business people – each with their own needs. You have to balance what they want with making money.

Exciting Features of the Game

The game works like the real world. You have to be careful with money to make your properties profitable. You can spend money on things like security systems, laundry rooms, and parking to make your properties better and get more money from tenants.

There are also fun mini-games in the game. You might need to fix things, clean up after tenants, or talk to contractors.

Great Graphics and Sounds

The game looks fun with its colorful and cartoony style. It sounds good too, with background music and real-like sounds for things in the game. Important characters even have their own voices.

Buying Stuff in the Game

While you can play for free, you can also buy things in the game with real money. This can help you progress faster or get special things. You can buy things like virtual money to spend on properties or special items.


Rent Please. is a cool game where you can feel what it’s like to manage properties. It has nice graphics, challenging play, and works like real life when it comes to money. If you like games where you need to think and plan, this is a game you’ll enjoy. You can download it from google play here.

Bonus: Special Version of Rent Please.

If you’re looking for extra fun, there’s a version of the game with unlimited diamonds. Diamonds can help you do even more in the game.

What's new

  • Property management simulation game.
  • Various types of tenants with different needs.
  • Realistic economy system.
  • Upgrades like security and facilities.
  • Mini-games for repairs and tasks.
  • Colorful and cartoonish graphics.
  • In-game purchases for faster progress.



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