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In this game, your base isn't just a place to chill – it's your fortress against the undead horde. Construct, expand, and gather resources to ensure your survival.
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Aug 15, 2023
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Surviving the State of Survival Mod APK

Welcome to the apocalyptic realm of State of Survival Mod APK, where strategy meets construction in a world infested with zombies. It’s time to build, battle, and conquer. You’ll enjoy playing this game as much that you won’t feel the passage of time. This is such a fun.

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Building a Resilient Base in a World of Chaos

In this game, your base isn’t just a place to chill – it’s your fortress against the undead horde. Construct, expand, and gather resources to ensure your survival.

Spooktacular Halloween Activities

Get ready for a spine-chilling treat with the Halloween event. Engage in unique activities like Treat and Trick, Gift Rush, Haunted Halloween, and Dolled-up Prank for epic rewards.

Engaging in Fierce Battles

Venture into misty territories, where zombies lurk. Master the art of battles – use characters, vehicles, and allies to defeat different types of undead foes. Also download Path of Evil APK for more fun.

The Story Unfolds

You’re a survivor in a world oblivious to the impending zombie menace. Evolve your base, collect vital resources, and upgrade your main hub to fight off the undead onslaught.

Key Features

It’s a new world with new rules. Join alliances, rescue survivors, and combat the mutating zombie virus. Expand your community and rise as a survivor champion.

Human 2.0 Revolution:

Rewrite the survival rulebook, conquer invaders, and save humanity – no military backup, just your wits!

Strategic Alliances:

Form clever alliances to thrive in this tactical world. Team up against exploitative foes and conquer the zombie-apocalyptic battleground.

Virus Mutation:

Stay sharp as the zombie virus mutates. Master zombie knowledge and disease control to ensure global survival.

Rescue and Expand:

Recruit survivors to bolster your forces. Numbers matter as you expand your post-apocalyptic community against the odds.

Epic Battles:

Engage in action-packed clashes with the undead. Arm yourself with skills, weapons, and allies for victory in battles for humanity’s future. Download this game from Google Play here.

A Friendly Reminder:

Remember, in State of Survival Mod APK, you’re not just playing a game – you’re leading humanity’s fight for survival. Time to embrace the undead adventure and show those zombies who’s boss.

What's new

  • Unlimited resources and premium perks
  • Enhanced zombie-battling excitement
  • Elevated gameplay experience with State of Survival MOD APK



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