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Toca Life World: Build a Story

Toca Life World is a game with endless possibilities, where you design and decorate a whole world and fill it with fun characters you collect, create and play! Tell your own stories, whatever they may be – adventures, make-over tales, reality shows, or anything and everything you can imagine! What will you do first – spend a day at the beach with friends or direct your own sitcom? Design a restaurant or run a dog daycare center? Express yourself, explore a mini world filled with fun and don't forget to collect your free gift every Friday!
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Toca Boca
Jun 7, 2023
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Toca Life World: Build a Story


Toca Life World: Build a Story is an innovative mobile app developed by Toca Boca, renowned for creating playful and interactive digital toys for children. This app empowers young users to create their own unique stories and adventures, providing a safe and engaging environment that stimulates their creativity and imagination.

Customizable Characters:

With Toca Life World, children have the opportunity to bring their imagination to life by designing and customizing their own characters. A vast array of options, including diverse skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, ensures that each character reflects the child’s individuality or resembles their friends. This personal touch deepens the connection between the child and their creations, fostering a more immersive and captivating storytelling experience.

Vibrant and Interactive Locations:

Toca Life World offers a myriad of exciting locations for children to explore and weave their tales within. From bustling cities to serene beaches, vibrant malls, and thrilling amusement parks, each location is teeming with interactive elements such as shops, rides, and games. The immersive environments allow characters to engage with their surroundings, encouraging imaginative play and endless storytelling possibilities.

Custom Locations:

The app takes creativity to another level by enabling children to craft their very own custom locations. Equipped with a range of tools, young creators can fashion unique settings using furniture, decorations, and props. This feature empowers children to embrace their inventive spirit, constructing personalized worlds and scenarios that showcase their boundless creativity and storytelling prowess.

Saving and Sharing Creations:

Toca Life World values collaboration and social interaction, as evidenced by its user-friendly saving and sharing capabilities. Once a story or adventure is crafted, children can save their creations and easily share them with friends and family. This not only nurtures collaboration and strengthens relationships but also instills a sense of pride and achievement in children as they showcase their imaginative creations to a wider audience.

Engaging Environment:

Toca Boca has always prioritized child safety, and Toca Life World is no exception. The app offers a secure and enjoyable environment that parents can trust. Its content is thoughtfully designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that children can explore, play, and learn in a worry-free and immersive digital space.

Cross-Platform Availability:

Toca Life World: Build a Story is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, making it readily available to a wide range of users. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that children can enjoy the app on their preferred device, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Affordable and Accessible:

The app can be downloaded and enjoyed for free, making it accessible to families of various backgrounds. While in-app purchases unlock additional content and features, the core experience remains accessible to all users, offering a generous playground for creativity and storytelling without imposing financial constraints.

Potential Drawbacks:

It is important to acknowledge that while Toca Life World: Build a Story offers a wealth of benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Some parents may find the in-app purchases excessive or feel that the app is too simplistic for their child’s needs. Additionally, the app’s replayability might be limited once initial stories or adventures are created, potentially leading to diminished interest for some children.


Toca Life World: Build a Story is an exceptional app that empowers children to unleash their creativity, embrace their imagination, and dive into the world of storytelling. Its customizable characters, vibrant and interactive locations, and the ability to create custom settings offer children a boundless playground for self-expression and narrative exploration. By providing a safe, engaging, and accessible platform for children to share their creations, Toca Life

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