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Vacation Hotel Stories

Pretend play game for kids 4-14 and the whole family, belonging to the Stories' franchise of games, with more than 150+ Million downloads which takes place in a doll house which is a cozy family hotel full of characters and interactions.
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Dec 24, 2023
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Vacation Hotel Stories: A Captivating and Educational Mobile Game


Vacation Hotel Stories, developed by PlayToddlers, is an immersive and educational mobile game tailored for children aged 4-12. This interactive experience allows players to unleash their creativity by designing and managing their very own hotel. With a focus on problem-solving, decision-making, and budget management, Vacation Hotel Stories aims to provide young minds with valuable skills while offering an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

Imagination with Hotel Creation:

In Vacation Hotel Stories, children can exercise their creative abilities by designing and customizing their dream hotel. From choosing the layout and decor to selecting amenities, players have the freedom to bring their vision to life. By immersing themselves in the role of a hotel manager, children learn important aspects of hospitality and gain a sense of ownership over their creation.

Interactive Maps:

One of the standout features of Vacation Hotel Stories is its interactive map, which allows players to embark on a virtual journey around the globe. By visiting different countries and cultures, children gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity. This feature not only enhances their geographical knowledge but also encourages curiosity and a love for exploration.

Discover the World:

In Vacation Hotel Stories, children are introduced to various professions involved in running a hotel. From chefs crafting delicious meals to engineers ensuring smooth operations, the game offers insights into different roles and responsibilities. This exposure broadens children’s awareness of potential career paths and encourages them to develop an understanding of teamwork and collaboration.

Financial Management:

Budget management plays a vital role in Vacation Hotel Stories, allowing children to grasp the importance of financial planning and responsible decision-making. By managing their hotel’s finances, including employee salaries and property upgrades, players learn to strike a balance between profitability and customer satisfaction. These lessons provide a practical understanding of budgeting that can be applied in real-life scenarios.

Captivating Narrative:

Vacation Hotel Stories weaves an immersive storyline that captivates young players throughout their gaming journey. The game’s narrative keeps children entertained for extended periods, fostering their interest and engagement. Through delightful characters and compelling scenarios, the game encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills while delivering an enjoyable experience.

Visuals and Animations:

With its vibrant graphics and lively animations, Vacation Hotel Stories creates an enticing visual experience for children. The colorful and eye-catching design of the game enhances immersion and sparks imagination. These captivating visuals contribute to an enjoyable and visually stimulating gameplay environment.

Growth and Expansion:

As players progress in the game, they encounter new challenges and opportunities for growth. Hosting events and expanding the hotel’s property provide avenues for players to exercise their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. This continuous progression keeps the game dynamic and ensures a sense of accomplishment with each milestone reached.


Vacation Hotel Stories, developed by PlayToddlers, emerges as an exceptional mobile game that strikes a balance between entertainment and education for children aged 4-12. By fostering creativity, problem-solving, and financial management skills, the game empowers young minds in a fun and interactive way. Although it may lack replayability and pose minimal challenges for older players, Vacation Hotel Stories serves as an engaging tool for learning and imaginative play, enabling children to embark on a delightful journey as budding hoteliers.



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