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aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks APK

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks! This incredible tool not only offers a range of fantastic features but also contributes to protecting the endangered Mountain Tapir.
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Jul 20, 2023
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aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks APK


aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks APK This incredible tool not only offers a range of fantastic features but also contributes to protecting the endangered Mountain Tapir. So, let’s dive into the world of aCalendar+ and see how it can simplify your life.

Complete Solution aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks APK

aCalendar+ is like the deluxe version of a regular calendar app. Before diving into all the cool stuff it can do, why not give the free aCalendar app a try? Once you’re familiar with that. So, you’ll be ready to take on aCalendar+.

Download Simple Calendar Pro APK

Make Your Calendar Shine!

Imagine having public holidays and school breaks right at your fingertips. With aCalendar+, you can customize your calendar list to include these important dates. But that’s not all – you can also play around with colors to make the app look just the way you want. So, you’ll find business features that help you manage your appointments and tasks like a pro. And guess what? No annoying ads!

Get Things Done with Ease

Tasks can be a breeze when you have aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks APK. You can manage Google Tasks or tasks from CalDAV/OpenTasks. This means you’ll never forget an important to-do again. Whether it’s schoolwork, chores, or special projects, aCalendar+ has got you covered.

Saving the Mountain Tapir

When you choose aCalendar+, you’re not just getting an amazing app – you’re also helping to protect the Mountain Tapir and its habitat. 10% of the app’s revenue goes towards rainforest conservation through the World Land Trust. How cool is that?

Smooth Sailing:

Moving around in aCalendar+ is a piece of cake. Swipe up and down to jump forward or backward in the calendar. Want to switch between different calendar views? A horizontal swipe is all it takes. So, you can even tap to open events and long-press to create new ones.

What’s In the Bag: Features Galore!

Check out your schedule in day, week, month, or year view.

Enjoy handy fullscreen widgets for quick access.

Create recurring events with flexible options.

Splash your calendar with up to 48 different colors.

Personalize event colors and fonts for easy organization.

Never miss a birthday or anniversary with photo reminders.

Sync effortlessly with Android’s native calendar.

Experience zero battery drain – no more constant polling.

Get a cosmic touch with moon phases and zodiac signs.

Share events easily with QR barcodes.

Adapt to your time preference with a 12/24h clock.

Enjoy optimized text display and improved readability.

Using aCalendar+: Making the Most of Your App

Swipe vertically or use the volume rocker to move through the calendar.

Switch views with a horizontal swipe or double-tap for day view.

Tap to open events, long-press to create new ones.

Quickly access today’s date or jump to a specific one.

Instantly contact people by tapping on their photos.

Try the 3-finger-tap for customizable actions.

Drag’n’Drop events in day view for easy rearranging.

Permissions and Translations

Rest assured, aCalendar+ only asks for the permissions it needs to work. Moreover, your privacy is a priority, and your data remains safe unless you configure it otherwise. If you have any questions about permissions, feel free to reach out. Plus, aCalendar+ is available in over 30 languages, thanks to the contributions of volunteers.  So, you can download it from google play here.

Sharing the Love:

Furthermore, if you’re loving aCalendar+, spread the word! Leave a positive rating and tell your friends about this fantastic app. Your support means the world.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Future Updates

The journey with aCalendar+ doesn’t end here. Exciting updates are on the horizon, including:

Enhanced task management, with features like contact linking.

Popup notifications for timely reminders.

Expanded calendar system support, including languages like Chinese, Hebrew, and more.


Say hello to aCalendar+, your new best friend for staying organized and on top of your schedule. With its user-friendly features, smooth navigation, and exciting future plans.So,  aCalendar+ is your ticket to a more efficient and enjoyable calendar experience

What's new

  • Public holidays & school breaks integration.
  • Customizable color themes.
  • Advanced business features.
  • Task management (Google Tasks & CalDAV/OpenTasks).
  • Ad-free experience.
  • Support for Mountain Tapir conservation.
  • Intuitive navigation with smooth transitions.
  • Multiple calendar views (day, week, month, year).
  • Fullscreen widgets for quick access.
  • Flexible recurring event options.
  • Personalized event colors & fonts.
  • Birthday & anniversary reminders.
  • Native Android calendar integration.
  • Battery-efficient, no constant polling.
  • Moon phases & zodiac signs.
  • QR barcode event sharing.
  • 12/24-hour clock options.
  • Optimized text display.
  • Easy swipe navigation.
  • Quick event creation.
  • Instant access to today's date.


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