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Mob Control APK

Mob Control APK is a fun and exciting arcade-style game that's easy to understand and play. In this game, you'll command an army of stickmen.
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Sep 6, 2023
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Mob Control APK


Mob Control APK is a fun and exciting arcade-style game that’s easy to understand and play. In this game, you’ll command an army of stickmen, those little characters you’re probably familiar with. Your mission in this colorful war is to make your army bigger and stronger so you can defeat your enemies.

Mighty Cannon: Your Army’s Best Friend

In Mob Control APK, you’ll control a special cannon. It’s not your typical weapon like in other games. This cannon can shoot artillery shells through unique portals, each with its own color. The cannon is the only weapon you have to beat your enemies. It’s where your little blue stickman army members come from, and you can even aim it in different directions.

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Magical Clone Portals: Multiply Your Troops.

Your main goal in Mob Control is to find and use special portals. Each portal has specific rules. These rules determine how many stickman soldiers you can send into battle. Sometimes, you can double, triple, or even quintuple your army size. But be careful, because hitting the right portal is not always easy. You’ll need strategy and skill to make the most of these portals.

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Attack the Enemy’s Base: It’s All About Numbers

When you play Mob Control, your job is to guide your cannon through these special gates. The stickman members that come out of the gates turn into powerful bullets. These bullets will attack the enemy’s base and try to destroy it. This game isn’t about brute force; it’s about using your smarts and creativity to win.

Defeating the Red Opponent: Crush Their Bases

To defeat the red enemy on the other side, you need to increase your army’s size as much as possible. Your stickmen will automatically march toward the enemy’s base and destroy it. This is how you win the game. Can you capture all of your opponent’s bases in the hundreds of levels that Mob Control has to offer?

Beware of the Red North: Avoid the Red Gate

Pay attention to where the enemy is attacking from. This will help you decide which clone portal to use. The direction you shoot is crucial for success. One important tip: don’t touch the red gates. Try to stop the enemy’s attack as quickly as you can.

Facing Greater Challenges as You Progress

As you play Mob Control APK, you’ll notice that the game gets tougher as you advance. The levels become more challenging with winding roads and tricky obstacles. The enemy also becomes smarter and more difficult to deal with. Plus, those clone portals start moving around and making things even more complicated. You can download it from google play here.


Controlling your stickman army to attack the red army’s bases with force. Using a unique rotating cannon to spawn more troops. Strategically using clone portals to increase your army’s size and crush the enemy. Dealing with the chaos of moving clone portals. Avoiding the red gates and focusing on the portals that help you grow your army. By following these tips, you’ll become a Mob Control pro and conquer the game with ease.

What's new

  • Arcade-style stickman army game.
  • Control a rotating cannon to spawn troops.
  • Use clone portals to increase army size.
  • Defeat enemies by crushing their bases.
  • Strategic gameplay with challenging levels.



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