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Summoners Greed APK

Summoners Greed APK, imagine you're the mightiest summoner in a magical kingdom. You've just swiped a priceless treasure from the King's castle. But hold on, the King isn't too happy about it, and he's sending his heroic squad to snatch it back. Let's dive into the world of Summoner's Greed APK and learn how to protect your loot.
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Oct 3, 2023
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Summoner’s Greed APK


Summoners Greed APK, imagine you’re the mightiest summoner in a magical kingdom. You’ve just swiped a priceless treasure from the King’s castle. But hold on, the King isn’t too happy about it, and he’s sending his heroic squad to snatch it back. Let’s dive into the world of Summoner’s Greed APK and learn how to protect your loot.

Defend Your Precious Treasure:

When you start playing Summoner’s Greed, your mission is to keep your treasure safe from the King’s heroes. These heroes include regular folks like peasants, strong lumberjacks with axes, frosty ice mages, and even the King’s Elite Knight (a super tough guy you don’t want to mess with).

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Summon Cool Monsters & Minions:

To help you defend, you can earn magical orbs by defeating waves of these heroes. Use these orbs to summon creatures like slimes, super cute hellhounds, and even an epic teddy bear with superhero strength. With lots of creatures at your disposal, you’ll be ready to take on any heroes who dare to challenge you. Download: Mahjong Treasure Quest APK.

Cast Powerful Spells:

But wait, there’s more. You’re not just a summoner; you can also cast powerful spells. You can shoot fireballs, unleash lightning, and use ice magic to boost your monsters or protect your treasure from the King’s army. That’s right; you’ve got the firepower.

Tower Defense Strategy:

Summoner’s Greed is an idle tower defense (TD) game where you’ll need to use your strategic thinking to defend your treasure. The game challenges you to place towers strategically to stop waves of powerful heroes from stealing your loot.

Unique Monsters and Towers:

In this game, you have a wide range of monsters and towers at your disposal. Each monster and tower has its own unique abilities and secondary powers, adding depth to your defensive strategy. 

Endless Waves of Heroes and Bosses:

The King sends waves of heroes and even formidable bosses to reclaim his treasure. You’ll face a variety of enemy heroes, each with their own skills and strengths. As you progress, the challenges become increasingly difficult, keeping the game engaging and exciting.

Upgradable Towers:

To increase your chances of success, you can upgrade your towers. These upgrades enhance their effectiveness, making them more powerful and capable of dealing with tougher opponents.

Collect Rare and Legendary Monsters:

Summoner’s Greed offers a collectible aspect to the game. You can gather common, rare, epic, and even legendary monsters to join your defense. Each of these creatures comes with unique attributes and strengths, allowing for a diverse and customizable lineup.

Powerful Spells:

Besides your monsters and towers, you can cast powerful spells to support your defense. These spells include fireballs, lightning, ice magic, and more. Use them strategically to defeat enemies, rebuild defenses, or protect your treasure from the King’s army.

Original Graphics and Gameplay:

Summoner’s Greed boasts original graphics and a unique gameplay style. It offers a fresh take on the tower defense genre, providing players with a visually appealing and engaging experience.

Strategic Tower Placement:

Strategically placing your towers is key to success. You must consider the terrain and the abilities of your monsters and towers to cause maximum damage to the oncoming heroes. Finding the perfect placement is crucial to winning the game.

Constant Updates and Challenges:

The game developers regularly release updates and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. You’ll always have new goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome, ensuring long-term enjoyment.

Idle Gameplay:

Summoner’s Greed offers an idle gaming experience, meaning you can make progress even when you’re not actively playing. This makes it accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels.

Summoner’s Greed APK is a captivating tower defense game that combines strategic tower placement, unique monsters and towers, powerful spells, and collectible elements. With endless waves of heroes and bosses to defeat, this game provides a challenging and engaging experience for players looking to test their strategic prowess.


Summoner’s Greed APK is an exciting game where you play as a powerful summoner defending your treasure from the King’s heroes. You’ll summon cool monsters, cast powerful spells, and strategize to keep your loot safe. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and protect your precious treasure? Give it a try and enjoy this unique tower defense experience.

What's new

  • Tower Defense Strategy.
  • Unique Monsters and Towers.
  • Endless Waves of Heroes and Bosses.
  • Upgradable Towers.
  • Collect Rare and Legendary Monsters.
  • Powerful Spells.
  • Original Graphics and Gameplay.
  • Strategic Tower Placement.
  • Constant Updates and Challenges.
  • Idle Gameplay.



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