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Weather Elite by WeatherBug APK

Weather Elite by WeatherBug  APK is a fantastic weather app that you can use on your phone or tablet. It helps you know what the weather will be like in your area and other places too. It has won awards because people think it's the best weather app out there.
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Jul 31, 2023
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Weather Elite by WeatherBug APK


Weather Elite by WeatherBug APK is a fantastic weather app that you can use on your phone or tablet. It helps you know what the weather will be like in your area and other places too. It has won awards because people think it’s the best weather app out there.

Stay Safe with WeatherBug:

Spark Lightning Alerts:

This app can warn you if there might be dangerous thunderstorms nearby. It does this faster than many other apps by using a special network of sensors. Download MyRadar Weather Radar APK

Professional Weather Network:

 WeatherBug gets its weather information from a lot of professional weather stations. These stations are like high-tech weather watchers that give very accurate information about what’s happening outside.

18 Animated Maps:

Imagine having 18 different maps that show you all kinds of weather information. You can see things like rain, clouds, and even how lightning is moving!

International Forecasts: WeatherBug can tell you about the weather in many places around the world. So, if you’re going on a trip, you can check the weather there too!

Customize Your Weather Experience:

Personalized Weather Data:

This means you can change how the app looks to make it more useful for you. You can decide what weather information you want to see first, like the temperature or the chance of rain.

Lifestyle Forecasts:

The app can give you special weather predictions for different things you do. For example, if you like to play sports, it can tell you if it will rain during your game.

Track Any Condition with WeatherBug:

Severe Weather Alerts:

WeatherBug can send you warnings when there are big storms coming, like tornadoes or hurricanes. This way, you can be prepared and stay safe.

Real-Time Weather Conditions:

You can see what the weather is like right now in your area. It’s like having a mini weather station in your pocket!

Hourly & 10-Day Forecasts:

WeatherBug can also tell you what the weather will be like in the next few hours or even the next 10 days. So you can plan ahead and know if you should bring an umbrella or wear a jacket.

Pollen Details:

For people with allergies, WeatherBug can show you how much pollen is in the air. This way, you can be ready and take your medicine if needed.

Doppler Radar Animation:

This is a cool feature that shows you how rain and storms are moving on a map. It’s like a weather movie!

Real-Time Traffic Conditions:

WeatherBug can also tell you about the traffic in your area. So if there’s a lot of traffic, you can leave early and not be late for your plans.

Weather Widgets:

 You can add small weather information boxes to your phone’s home screen. This way, you can quickly check the weather without opening the app. You can download it from google play here.

Customize for Your Convenience:

Language Support:

You can use the app in different languages, like English, Spanish, or Portuguese. It’s nice for people who speak different languages.

Temperature Units:

WeatherBug can show you the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on what you’re used to.

Wind Units:

You can choose how the wind speed is shown, like in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

Pressure Units:

You can decide if you want to see the air pressure in inches or millibars.

Stay Connected with WeatherBug:

Social Media:

WeatherBug is on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They share updates and useful weather tips there. You can follow them to stay informed.


Weather Elite by WeatherBug is a great app to have on your phone or tablet. It helps you stay safe and prepared for any weather condition. Whether it’s a sunny day or a stormy one, WeatherBug has got you covered. So, download it now and enjoy the benefits of this reliable weather companion!

What's new

  • Real-time weather conditions and forecasts.
  • Spark Lightning Alerts for faster warnings about thunderstorms.
  • Largest network of professional weather stations for hyper-local data.
  • 18 animated weather maps, including Doppler radar and satellite images.
  • International weather forecasts for over 2.6 million locations.
  • Customizable weather data and lifestyle forecasts.
  • Severe weather alerts from WeatherBug, NWS & NOAA.
  • Live Doppler radar for precipitation information.
  • Real-time traffic conditions for better planning.
  • Weather widgets for your home screen.
  • Multi-language support (English, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • Temperature, wind, and pressure units customization.
  • Connect with WeatherBug on social media for updates.


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